A Fashion Designer’s Life

While my boyfriend was away for the week to SEMA, I went and did some shopping for my current fashion project. Here was my cuddle buddy while Alex was away:

photo 3
“It’s so fluffy I’m gonna die!”

Before that, here is an update at my internship at BCBG: Here is a print I created.

photo 1

Joy and I went to the FASHION DISTRICT to look for our supplies. Going to the FASHION DISTRICT is like a kid walking into a candy store. I kept getting distracted, wanting every lace fabric that I saw. My goal that day was to find an emerald colored lace, which was extremely difficult to find.

photo 4

LACE HEAVEN! Lace is my favorite type of fabric, I wish I had more of it in my closet.

photo 11


photo 5

MAPLE CRAFT has become one of my favorite craft store ever! They have beautiful trims at a relatively cheap price.

photo 22

After we finished shopping at the FASHION DISTRICT, we were on our way to pick up Lisa and Krystal. As we were heading back, Joy and I had to stop at this store called CINEMA. The clothes and accessories that they have there are absolutely gorgeous and fashion forward.

photo 33

We all went out to eat in KOREATOWN at Pho 21. Then, like always I need something sweet to eat. We went to this cute little cafe called CAFFE BENE.

photo 222

Once the sweet cravings have been satisfied we went to DAISO. I freaken love this store! Everything, well pretty much everything was $1.50. I bought three lipsticks, a hat, a hair tie and they were all $1.50 each.

photo 44

Lisa wore a really cute lace kimono paired with a dark peach colored floppy hat. It was a cute and soft look even with that black tank.

photo 55

Alex came back from SEMA, which was in LOS VEGAS and we went out to dinner for our 17th month Anniversary. I love you! I can’t believe we’ve been together for  17 months already, time flew by so quick.


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