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Hello everyone, those of you who follow me on instagram already know the new chapter in my life that I’m able to begin. In case you don’t know, I have officially started an online boutique called The WKND Therapy. With the start of a new season, I will also be launching the store tomorrow, Saturday the 24th. The photos above showcase a few piece that will be on the store. I’ve always wanted my own little shop but was too afraid that it would fail. However, I decided to take the leap into starting my own store because of the amazing support that I have in my life. My father told me, “In life you need to take chances, starting a business is like gambling there’s a 50/50 chance of it succeeding or failing. But if you don’t try it out now, when will you ever start?” I was basically telling myself I didn’t have a chance before even giving myself that chance. The WKND Therapy embodies the love and passion I have for style. I want people to be able to go onto my boutique and pick out the perfect piece to go with the perfect outfit. All my pieces are simple but will last not just one season but many seasons. As the name states “therapy”, I want people to feel like they can go onto my store and do a little shopping therapy.

PC: Alex Zhao

About my outfit:
Kimono: Heavenly Couture
Dress: The WKND Therapy
Shoes: Laura’s Boutique
Bag: The WKND Therapy
Necklace: The WKND Therapy
Watch: Gemorie Jewelry

Stay tuned for the official launch of The WKND Therapy! Follow me on instagram @divenireme and @wkndtherapy for the launch countdown!

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