Allen Street

Allen Street




I miss Cali quite a bit since arriving in NYC, I miss the bright sun and cotton candy sky. So I thought, hey why not dress like I was in Cali (A Cali girl in NYC, haha). I wouldn’t say I’ve become completely transformed into a Cali girl since quite a bit of my New York style still plays a role in how I currently dress. I think the biggest thing that Cali has got me on is the word DUDE… Of all the words in the world I have become that girl who says DUDE. No, I don’t say the word MAD anymore which, is sort of weird to say now… Yeah, I’ve tried saying it and I felt so silly. I wonder if its because I’ve grown or has Cali changed me just a bit?

About this outfit:
Outer: FOREVER 21
Dress: FOREVER 21

Stay tuned for more! You can follow me on instagram @divenireme for sneak peeks and other stuff if you’d like!

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