An Ancient Village

While I was staying in Guangzhou, we took a road trip up to Guilin which was about a 5 hour drive. The ride there felt like it was never ending but once we got there the view and experience was one of a kind. The reason why I said one of a kind is the way we entered an ancient village in Guilin. Instead of taking the normal route into the village and paying full price, we followed a teenage boy on a motorcycle into the village at 1/3 of the price. The first time, we got caught by security and got kicked out but the second time we were able to walk around and take many photos. I felt like such a rebel…But it was all part of the whole experience!

We took a few photos before we got kicked out…

Waiting for the teenage boy to take us back in!

After like half an hour we were able to get back into the village without getting caught this time.

Entering the village…






Uh, hello cow?…

Well, time to head back onto the road towards the mountains!


Stay tuned to the next post on the mountains in Guilin! Follow me on instagram @divenireme for daily posts and sneak peeks!

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