Chill with Cold Noodles

Hi Everyone! With the hot weather we’ve been having in Cali, one way to keep cool is by indulging in some delicious cold noodles. Here are two places that I would recommend to check out.

Shen Yang Resturant (Monterey Park)

Shenyang is a city in Northeastern China, really close to Korea. There cold noodles on the menu are parallel to Korea’s naengmyeon. The noodles are made in-house and sit in a salty or sour beef-based soup. It comes with an assortment of kimchi, braised egg, thin slices of meat and cucumber, and a seasoned with sesame and cilantro.


Also try out other dishes to balance out with the delicious taste of the noodles. We picked out a veggie dish along with some BBQ, which I highly recommend ordering. Plus its only .99 cents each!



Marugame Monzo (Little Tokyo)

Now another restaurant that is a must try is called Marugame Monzo. This restaurant specializes in their different variety of udon styled dishes. They have both cold noodles or creamy noodles.



They have amazing appetizers to nibble on while you wait and watch them create these beautifully cut udon noodles. As we wait for our noodles we ordered a Scallop Carpaccio and the Chicken Karage.




Alex and I got the Ikura Oroshi Cold Udon, it was absolutely bomb! The portion size looked small but I felt that the noodles were endless. Alex ordered a second bowl of noodles for an extra $2.


Look how happy this little camper is, haha!


This was such a cute little wooden spice holder with a small wooden spoon!


Stay hydrated everyone as we wait for Fall weather to finally hit Cali!

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