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Hi Everyone! The weather has started to change in Cali, it’s been feeling a bit chill. Fall weather has arrived and that means a new set of fashion trends are in order. There are always many trends that each season has to offer. This allows all types of styles to take form. I will be selecting a few trends that I believe is a must do this Fall, not only that but how a few of them will be seen in Spring 2014.

1. Gray Matters: Instead of the traditional black and white, designers have stepped into the shades from charcoal to slate.


2. American Pastoral: The idea of wearing cozy knits, high boots, fur-trimmed outerwear and tweeds, who doesn’t what to wear that? Sweaters and knits are seen in the Spring 2014 Trends styled with different prints and pastel colors.


3. The Green Movement: When it comes to Fall dark rich colors are in order such as Emerald Green.


4. Luxe Tux: No matter what we can’t forget about the masculine touch of a women’s fashion. The strong, simple cuts and structure gives a women her sense of edge. This trend idea will be seen in Spring 2014 in a more sporty meets sophisticated ensemble.


5. Print Mania: Prints, prints, prints and more prints! Different variety of prints are introduced into Fall but also in Spring 2014. We have plaids, step and repeat, floral, or even graphics.


6. Metallic Chic: When is metallic not in style? This Fall and Spring 2014 metallic will be present in ways that showcases as a wow factor to a little spice up. Metallics isn’t just your traditional gold and silver but we also have shimmer, sheen, and foil that falls under this category.


7. Winter White: The simplicity of the color white and how it can transition a outfit from casual to glam. White will be seen both in Fall and Spring 2014, each in their own way.


8. Rich in Leather: Now we can’t forget about leather for Fall Fashion. Designers have taken leather and have placed it as one of the main focal point when it comes to Fall. We’ve seen jackets, dresses, skirts, pants, shorts, tops and so on with leather. Leather can be that rocker chic fashionista or even that innocently sweet with an edge.

Valentino - Runway -PFW F/W 2013

9. Oversized: I love oversized! This Fall we will be seeing a lot of oversized jackets, sweaters, and pants. In Spring 2014 we will be seeing wide-legged pants and cozy sweaters. Another type of jacket that will be transitioned from Fall to Spring is the bomber jacket.


10. Block Party: Who said we can’t mix and match bold colors? This Fall season we will be layering different hues that are complementary to each color and balanced with neutral partners.


Here are some nail colors that I will be wearing this Fall:

That ends my 2 cents into what will be trending this Fall as well as what we will see in Spring 2014. Stay warm!

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