FIDM Fashion Club Prom Shoot

It’s finally here, the day of the Prom Dress photo shoot that I have been telling you guys all about. The dress was completed Thursday night and we had our shoot on Friday, from early morning to late afternoon. Now let me show you all the day of the shoot and the craze! Keep in mind that each designer, a total of 6 selected their celebrity muse. My muse was Emma Stone.

photo 1
Our stylist Camille hard at work getting our jewelry ready for the big day.
photo 2
Meet Harriet, the head of the FIDM Fashion Club on the left and Marie, one of our models on the right.

It’s early morning on Friday, the day of the shoot:
photo 3

Here is what I wore on set: Keeping it comfy and casual!

prom ootd

photo 4
Meet Heather, one of the designers and our wardrobe.
photo 5
Meet my model Briana on the left and the makeup artists on the right.
photo 6
Love this vanity!
photo 8
Welcome to the studio!
photo 9
Meet our videographer, working hard getting some action shots in the makeup room.
photo 10
Meet our head makeup artist on the right and one of the models on the left.
photo 11
One of our models getting primed on the left and makeup assistant on the right.
photo 12
Getting our hair did!
photo 13
Setting up for the photo shoot! The place was very spacious!
photo 14
Meet our hairstylist on the left creating a glamourous side bun on my model Briana.
photo 15
And let the photo shoot begin!
photo 16
Close up shots of Briana in my prom dress.
photo 17
Full body shots of the prom dress!
photo 18
Officially meeting Briana, my model. Getting some food before we continue with the second half of the shoot.
photo 19
Double shots!
photo 20
How cool is this light?!

Here is a full look at my prom dress that I designed and created that was inspired by Emma Stone. Do you think she would wear this? It was originally a short A-line dress that I transformed into a long dress with a long side slit. I added flowers and the lace to give it a more glam effect.

photo 21

photo 22

Adding a neck statement but still keeping it simple, Emma Stone doesn’t wear a lot of jewelry if she does it all very simple.

photo 23

Makeup was kept basic by creating a smokey eye and paired with Ruby red lips. Hair was parted to the side to create a high class look and accented with a matching flower from the dress.

photo 24

Second half of the photo shoot were all group shots:

photo 25
Photo shoot with the prom date!
photo 26
Interviews with the models and designers, I was scared and nervous for mine…
photo 27
Look at all the beautiful models in their beautiful prom dresses.
photo 28
I love how diverse our prom dresses were from each other, you can see each of the designers style in each one.

At the end, we had a photo shoot of all the designers and the models. It was a great busy and fun filled day.

Stay tuned for more! You can follow me on instagram for sneak peeks @x0apple!

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