It’s a Zombie Apocalypse

Hi Everyone! Halloween is quickly approaching and how many of you are scrambling to get a costume together? Well, I may have a solution that may be of some use. Why not be a zombie? The talk of zombies have been circulating around quite a bit this year. But we all know buying a costume can get expensive. I did a photo shoot for my schools Fashion Club at FIDM. We were transformed into zombies, affordable zombies!


For my concept I was a high school grad but there are many ways you can be a zombie such as being a homecoming queen, or a skater boy, or even a fashionable one! What I like about this is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money on a costume. All you need is some makeup or face paint and a little creativity.


Base: Pale white face can be created with either makeup or face paint whichever is more easily accessible for you.
Eyes: Create a sunken in effect by using black, purple and a bit of green to give it a more 3-D touch. We also added eyeliner and false lashes.
Lips: Using the same technique on the eye we placed some around my mouth, neck and cheek. Don’t be afraid to make yourself look deathly! Then we added dark red lips.
Hair: Tease tease tease hair spray! Tease tease tease hair spray!

This is where you can get creative and do your own thing. Transform yourself!


Who said you can’t look like a fashionable hot mess? This little zombie was, Happy Halloween!

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