Ushiwaka Maru – Oh my…

So you all know I was recently in NYC to visit my family and to get away from the reality of school and work. Now even though it was Winter time, sushi is for all seasons even when you are sick. Well for me it is…

Anyways, I went to an amazing sushi haven called USHIWAKA MARU in West Village, NY. It was by far the best place for sushi. The sashimi would just melt in your mouth and you could do nothing but be mesmerized by the great taste. For the quality of the fish and the atmosphere of the place, the price was way lower than we all expect it to be. With a group of four who love sushi, our bill totaled out to be less than $700. This included alcoholic drinks and tip. AND of course we can’t forget about dessert! Now your wondering is it worth it? YES! It should be a place you should put on your bucket list.


Without further a do, here is what I had:

First course: Amaebi (Sweet Shrimp), Octopus sashimi with salt & pepper, bluefin tuna, amberjack, gizzard shad with ginger, seared white fish.
Cont’d: Deep fried shrimp head (from shrimp in previous photo).
Second course (right to left): Shiroebi (White Shrimp), fluke, Needle fish, red snapper, sea perch.
Third course (right to left): Ikura from Hokkaido, Uni, Smoked copper river salmon, red snapper, Otoro.
Sea Eel
Extra course we requested: Alaskan king crab sushi, Yellowtail, and another piece of Otoro.
Lady M’s Mille Green Tea Crepe Dessert

The whole experience here surpassed my expectations, who would have thought sushi could taste this delicious? My favorite was the Amberjack, Needle Fish, Red Snapper, and Yellowtail. Oh and the Shiroebi (White Shrimp) was mouthwatering! All in all, it was one of the most delicious meal I have ever had. Not only that but having great company to share it with.

Stay tuned! The weather in LA is starting to shine once again, more OOTD’s and inspirations to come! Follow me on instagram for sneak peeks and more x0apple.

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